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The ERA team has proven and successful in-house experience in the design, evaluation, fabrication, installation, and operation and maintenance of soil and groundwater remediation systems. ERA understands both the technical and practical implementation side of the business and is able to provide our clients with solutions that work. From design/build to constructability reviews to field implementation, ERA offers cost-effective remedial solutions.
Our project management and field service expertise, combined with our comprehensive package of environmental services, provide ERA with the resources to complete small and large scale environmental cleanup projects for the purpose of achieving site closure.
Our in-house remedial system fabrication, construction and support services include:
  • Engineering Design/Pilot Testing;
  • Remedial System Fabrication;
  • Construction Services and Support; and
  • Operation and Maintenance

Commercial Redevelopment – Northampton, Massachusetts

During the redevelopment of a former industrial property, petroleum-contaminated soil was identified. Through close coordination with the developer and site civil design engineer, a remediation plan was prepared that allowed cleanup to occur during redevelopment, saving both time and money associated with potential construction delays. Remediation was conducted as a Release Abatement Measure (RAM) under the MCP and the property was successfully developed for commercial reuse.