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If a Recognized Environmental Condition is identified at a site, ERA with its knowledgeable staff is capable of performing Phase II environmental site assessment activities to satisfy a client’s due diligence needs. Although the scope of a Phase II ESA is site-specific, typical activities conducted by ERA personnel include:
  • Installation of test borings and/or groundwater monitoring wells to evaluate subsurface conditions;
  • Collection and analysis of soil and water samples to determine whether contamination is present;
  • Preparation of a comprehensive report outlining findings, recommendations, and cost estimates for further assessment and remediation activities.
ERA has developed very close working relationships with several drilling companies and laboratories over the years which enables us to complete Phase II assessments in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Dry Cleaning Facility – Southbridge, Massachusetts

ERA recently performed Phase II activities at a dry cleaning facility in Southbridge. Assessment activities conducted including the advancement of soil borings, installation of groundwater monitoring wells, installation of soil gas points, and the collection of soil, groundwater, and soil gas samples for laboratory analysis.