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ERA has proven experience in conducting Phase I and Phase II ESAs related to real estate transactions conforming to ASTM and state-specific standards. Due-diligence site assessments are a major part of our business, and we at ERA take them very seriously. All of our ESAs are performed by experienced personnel, are conducted according to the rigorous industry-standard ASTM protocols, and are reviewed by a Massachusetts Licensed Site Professional or other appropriately knowledgeable Environmental Professional.
ESAs are conducted using a phased approach to ensure that only the necessary level of effort and resources are expended in meeting project objectives. ERA is aware that time is often of the essence in performing an ESA within the time-frame of a sale agreement and we make every effort to accommodate rush requests. The primary goal of the Phase I ESA is to gather all available information to support subsequent investigation phases by identifying potential areas of environmental concern. Each Phase I ESA evaluates the likelihood of subsurface contamination from oils or hazardous chemicals due to existing or past land use practices at the subject site and also from off-site properties. ERA staff carefully inspects and researches each property for current or historic oil and hazardous material usage.
Phase I ESAs are conducted in accordance with the 2005 ASTM standard E 1527 as required by client needs. The 2005 standard conforms to and satisfies the All Appropriate Inquiry Rule (40 CFR Part 312) set forth by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA).
During a typical Phase I environmental site assessment, ERA personnel:
  • Thoroughly inspect the subject site to gauge the likelihood of releases from petroleum products and/or hazardous materials;
  • Review state and federal databases to ascertain the regulatory history of the site;
  • Study aerial photographs and historical maps to become familiar with past uses of the site;
  • Review published data on site geology and hydrogeology; and
  • Prepare a comprehensive report outlining the potential environmental liabilities associated with the site.

Large Industrial Complex – Bronx, New York

ERA preformed an assessment of a large wood working facility in the Bronx. Site use dated back to the turn of the century and numerous historical Recognized Environmental Conditions were identified during the assessment process. ERA was able to utilize its experience to evaluate the facility and provide recommendations that assisted the client in making a lending decision based on their current operations.